DFM Solutions

Empowering facility excellence

“Putting our manufacturing expertise behind your facility and maintenance needs”

Our expertise in manufacturing makes us distinctly positioned to successfully manage your facilities, maintain and service your equipment, streamline your facility and maintenance services, and add value to your operations function, allowing you to focus on your primary business.

Delivering efficiency through savings, Data, and Sustainability

DFM Solutions delivers impactful cost savings year-over-year by consistently looking for opportunities to refine and optimize operations.

Establishing relationships built on trust

DFM Solutions is completely committed to your company’s success—working to align our offering with your ideas, expectations, and objectives through close, ongoing collaboration.

Putting safety above all else

DFM Solutions’ commitment to safety is proven in our impressive safety ratings as well as our long- standing reputation for securing the wellbeing of our employees and our partners.



Integrated Facilities Management (IFM) seamlessly combines all services under one contract for streamlined delivery. IFM provides customers with a best-in-class experience by driving efficiencies via centralization, standardization, and consolidation and scale optimization.

President & CEO

Lauren Rakolta