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Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) Program

Safety is the most important focus across the entire DFM Solutions organization. To keep every worker aware and in control, we’ve established a robust behavior-based safety program that integrates education and training, constant communication, observation process, incentive programs and continuous improvement. 

With a safety culture that puts safety above all else, we live by the mantra “If it’s not safe, I won’t do it, and I won’t let others do it.” Every employee is empowered with total stop-work authority and encouraged to bring attention to any safety concerns. Our safety team ensures compliance and mitigates risk across your facilities by regularly conducting safety audits. DFM Solutions’ commitment to safety is proven by our consistent impressive safety ratings – as well as our long-standing reputation for securing the well-being of our employees and our partners.

Putting Safety Above All Else

Creating safe work environments and putting safety above all else is our most important concern. We value all team members, DFM Solutions subcontractors, customers, and visitors and the property of all stakeholders. Our behavior-based safety program is constantly evolving to address safety concerns that are specific to each site based on the scope of work, environment, and customer, state, and federal safety requirements. 

DFM Solutions is focused on achieving the goal of zero incidents and zero injuries every single day. We understand that reaching this goal not only protects the people and property exposed, but also boosts employee morale, which in turn increases efficiency and productivity. Our safety practices include site-specific orientations, site-specific specialized training, substance abuse testing, online safety observation reporting, online safety improvement process, and mandated personal protective equipment (PPE) compliance.

Above & Beyond Safety Initiatives

We keep our employees engaged in the DFM Solutions safety program by making it personal and bringing the message home. The “Why Safety is Important to Me” campaign reminds us that there are reasons beyond the workspace for being safe and returning home healthy every night. Our Above & Beyond safety initiatives include: a “Family Pre-task Analysis” contest, our “Don’t Text and Drive” campaign, our “Worries of Winter” campaign, and the “Summer of Safety” campaign.

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Worked Without a Loss of Time or Injury