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Manufacturing Mindset: Our Key to Driving Success

Manufacturing Mindset: Our Key to Driving Success

In the fast-paced and highly demanding world of Detroit’s automotive industry, a facilities management company armed with a manufacturing mindset is a game-changer. By combining their expertise in facility management with a deep understanding of the automotive manufacturing process, DFM delivers an unmatched advantage that fuels success for their automotive industry clients.

Automotive manufacturing is a complex and intricate process. DFM – with decades of expertise – knows that manufacturing requires meticulous attention to detail, stringent quality control, and streamlined operations. “Having a manufacturing background is very important because it brings credibility,” said Chris Johnson, DFM’s Managing Director. “When you stand in front of the customer you can speak their language and talk in technical terms. But more importantly, you have empathy for them.”

One of the key competitive advantages of DFM is their ability to seamlessly integrate with the automotive manufacturing workflow, a process they refer to as “blurring the yellow line.” Typically, the integrated facilities management company will be outside the factory’s yellow line, offering 3rd party facility management and maintenance. And that’s where DFM excels. Their ability to understand and align with their clients’ goals and objectives. Going beyond the role of a service provider, stepping into the shoes of their clients, and becoming an extension of their teams. This manufacturing mindset allows them to identify and meet the unique needs of each client, creating tailored solutions that drive success.

“In the design phase, you work with the construction companies and the people building the facility to ensure that maintenance is part of the consideration,” said T.J. Couch, Operations Program Director. “That goes a long way when you’re talking about facilities management. Are they the most efficient? Are we able to access them and be able to sustain the lifecycle of the assets in the building? Everything from the finishes on the flooring to the bathroom stalls… are they easy to maintain?” By understanding the intricacies of the manufacturing processes and the importance of minimizing downtime, DFM has become an invaluable partner to numerous manufacturers in Detroit, including General Motors, Ford Motor Company, and Stellantis among others.

“We don’t just hire based on experience and competencies. We try to find individuals that really fit our company culture,” said Anthony King, People Service Director.

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