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Blurring the Yellow Line: Building Strong Partnerships in Facility Management and Maintenance

Blurring the Yellow Line: Building Strong Partnerships in Facility Management and Maintenance

In an industry traditionally dominated by male voices, DFM is a remarkable woman-owned facilities management (FM) and maintenance company, bringing a refreshing approach to the world of integrated facility management. With a focus on building strong partnerships and delivering exceptional service, this company has carved a niche for itself among the competition.

What does an integrated facilities management company do? Overall, facilities management companies aim to create a safe, functional, and well-maintained environment that allows the clients to focus on their core operations while the facilities are professionally managed.

And that’s where the difference lies: DFM offers a full range of integrated services that are so much a part of the fabric of the business, they seem invisible.

DFM’s service offerings include upkeep and maintenance of buildings, equipment, and systems, routine inspections, preventive maintenance, and addressing any repairs or issues that arise to ensure optimal functioning of the facility. “Let’s say a customer calls and they’re up to their eyes in problems,” says Chris Johnson, DFM’s Managing Director. “They know we’ll respond. It’s part of our DNA, part of our culture.”

From mechanical and plumbing systems to snow removal. From front-desk support to pest control – DFM offers hard and soft integrated facilities services on an a la carte or all-in-one basis. But it’s the feeling of partnership that sets DFM apart from a typical service provider or other facility maintenance companies.

The yellow line

“When you walk through any type of manufacturing plant – even a Costco – you’ll see yellow lines on the floor that indicate the aisles,” says Johnson.

In facilities management lingo, the “yellow line” is about safety guidelines and protocols. It’s about permissions – personnel allowed inside the yellow line are based on title, expertise, or industry qualifications. It’s about machinery or equipment that poses potential risks – and requires skilled professionals to operate. Typically, the facilities management company will be outside the yellow line, offering 3rd party facility management and maintenance. And that’s where DFM excels. Their true strength lies in their ability to understand and align with their clients’ goals and objectives. Going beyond the role of a service provider, stepping into the shoes of their clients, and becoming an extension of their teams. This empathetic approach allows them to identify and meet the unique needs of each client, creating tailored solutions that drive success.

We call this “blurring the yellow line.”

With DFM, facilities management is integrated into the process itself. They’re no longer the outsiders on the other side of the yellow line, but part of the operations. Their skilled workers are ready to jump in – with experience in manufacturing, industrial, office environments, research and development, laboratories, and aviation. Suddenly, the client becomes less “them” and more “us.” Better efficiency. Better communications.

With decades of expertise – balanced by a humble willingness to do whatever it takes – DFM works hand-in-hand with clients, drawing upon their extensive industry knowledge and experience to provide innovative solutions that enhance operational efficiency and reduce costs.

It is through an unwavering commitment to partnership that this woman-owned facilities maintenance company has achieved remarkable results. They have successfully orchestrated seamless transitions during challenging facility relocations, meticulously managed complex maintenance projects, and provided comprehensive solutions tailored to the specific needs of their clients. Thanks in part, to blurring the yellow line.

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