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If it’s Not Safe, We Won’t Do It: DFM’s Commitment to Safety in IFM

If it’s Not Safe, We Won’t Do It: DFM’s Commitment to Safety in IFM

In an era where gender equality and workplace safety are critical concerns, a remarkable transformation is underway within integrated facilities management (IFM). Taking center stage is DFM: a woman-owned company that’s revolutionizing norms and placing safety at the forefront of operations. With their unwavering commitment to prioritizing safety, this 16-year-old company is reshaping industry standards and setting a shining example of leadership and social progress.

Safety as the Cornerstone:
At the heart of this company’s ethos lies an unwavering commitment to safety. Their core values – committed to memory by staff – are “To serve, to create, to collaborate, to respect and to be safe above all else.” And the DFM staff lives by these values – day in and day out.

Recognizing that a safe workplace is not only a legal requirement but also a moral obligation, they’ve made it their priority to implement robust safety protocols across all facets of their operations. From construction sites to office spaces, every aspect of integrated facilities management (IFM) services is guided by stringent safety standards. EHS, for example.

Environmental health and safety standards (EHS) are rules and regulations mandated by state, federal and customer guidelines. But DFM doesn’t just adhere to these guidelines – they exceed them with their own rigorous protocols.

Beyond Compliance:
While legal compliance is essential, this company goes above and beyond to exceed industry standards. They continually evaluate and update their safety protocols to reflect the latest best practices and innovations. By remaining at the forefront of safety advancements, they set a higher benchmark for the industry and inspire others to prioritize safety as well. “As far as we’re concerned the state and federal regulations – and the customer regulations – are a minimum standard,” says Melissa Czarnecki, EHS Director. “We talk about safety all the time with the employees – it starts at the beginning of their shift ends with their shift.”

Comprehensive Safety Training:
To ensure that safety practices are effectively implemented, DFM places great emphasis on comprehensive safety training for all employees. By providing ongoing education and certification programs, they equip their workforce with the knowledge and skills necessary to identify potential hazards and take appropriate preventive measures. Such initiatives not only enhance safety but also empower employees to take ownership of their own well-being. “It’s part of our DNA, it’s part of our culture,” said Chris Johnson, DFM’s Managing Director.

Cutting-Edge Technology:
Recognizing that technology plays a vital role in ensuring safety, DFM leverages cutting-edge solutions to streamline operations and mitigate risks. By utilizing smart building technologies, automated systems, and real-time monitoring tools, they can identify potential safety hazards promptly and take immediate action. This proactive approach minimizes the likelihood of accidents and provides a safer environment for all.

Collaborative Approach:
Safety isn’t a one-person job; it requires a collective effort from all members of an organization. In fact, DFM’s safety motto is “if it’s not safe I won’t do it and I won’t let others do it.” DFM employees live and breathe that every day.

DFM fosters a culture of collaboration, encouraging open communication and active participation from every employee. They promote a sense of shared responsibility, where everyone understands the importance of safety and actively contributes to its maintenance – even clients. “Clients that we work with typically share the same core values as us,” says Samantha Russo, Manager Business Development and SDI. “They care about things like safety and quality.”

This collaborative approach creates a unified workforce committed to the well-being of all individuals within the facilities they manage.

By placing safety as the cornerstone of operations, DFM not only protects the well-being of their employees, but they also inspire others to embrace a culture of safety. “Safety culture is truly important, it has to be there,” says Melissa Czarnecki, EHS Director. “Even if nobody’s looking over your shoulder, nobody’s monitoring you – you’re still making the right decisions every day. Without compromise.”

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