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Leveraging Read Across: How DFM Excels in Facilities Management

Leveraging Read Across: How DFM Excels in Facilities Management

The term “read across” refers to the practice of applying knowledge, insights, or experiences gained from one context or situation to another. Drawing parallels or making connections between different problems, different customers, and different industries to inform problem-solving, or strategy development.

DFM knows that every client and facility is unique, presenting distinct challenges and requirements. But by employing read across, they tap into their wealth of experience and apply insights gained from previous projects to new facilities management scenarios. This methodology empowers them to anticipate potential issues, streamline processes, and deliver tailored solutions promptly. “We leverage our read across with different industries and different customers,” said Gina Waggoner, Operations General Manager. “We have experience with manufacturing, industrial, office environments, research & development, laboratories. We’ve also done some work in aviation and utilities.”

“Many of our customers are moving into the electric vehicle space,” Waggoner continued. “So, we provide services in those new environments as well.”

Market research and data analysis are also key components of DFM’s read across strategy. They proactively study trends and developments in the industry, exploring how successful practices in one segment can be adapted to others. “We’re always growing and changing. Looking for what the next best thing is,” said Samantha Russo, Manager Business Development and SDI. “As well as new market segments.” DFM’s proactive approach ensures they remain at the forefront of innovation, enabling them to offer cutting-edge solutions to their clients – regardless of the industry.

DFM’s strategic partnership with Walbridge also offers read across opportunities. Since 1916, Walbridge has forged relationships with clients across multiple industries – all with the goal of completing safe, cost-efficient projects in a timely manner. Projects range from general contracting, design-build, construction management, and engineering, procurement, and construction. “The technical resources that exist at Walbridge – electrical, mechanical, structural, steel, concrete – are always readily available for DFM to use as a resource,” said Mike Haller, CEO of Walbridge.

By applying insights gained from various contexts, DFM can consistently provide innovative solutions, anticipate client needs, and maintain a competitive edge in the dynamic field of integrated facilities services. “We’re going to be most successful if people trust us to continuously identify and understand what’s important to them,” said Russo. “And tailor our service offerings to evolve with them.”

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