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Our Secret Weapon in Revolutionizing Integrated Facilities Management: The Lauren Factor

Our Secret Weapon in Revolutionizing Integrated Facilities Management: The Lauren Factor

Over the last decade, Detroit-based integrated facility service provider DFM has undergone some significant changes. New leadership, new branding, a new address, and an altogether new and exciting vision. The new executive team is committed to bringing innovative solutions to the IFM industry – and clients and employees alike attribute this refreshing new outlook to Lauren Rakolta.

“We put forth an extraordinary amount of effort every single day and that comes from the top down,” says Rakolta. And she should know because she’s the top. Meet our secret weapon, Lauren Rakolta, the CEO of DFM.

“Lauren is tenacious,” said Stacey Hoffman, Finance Director of DFM. “She has big dreams, big goals, big personality.”

An extraordinary professional, Rakolta is defying stereotypes and setting new benchmarks for success. This visionary CEO has shattered the glass ceiling, blazing a trail for other women to follow. Her unyielding spirit and determination have propelled her to the forefront of the facilities management industry, establishing her as a true pioneer. “She really commands attention because she’s earned it. She’s got that credibility.” said Chris Johnson, Managing Director. “It’s like Elvis walking into the building,” Johnson joked.

As a future-forward leader, Rakolta recognizes that the key to staying ahead in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape lies in embracing innovation and technology. She understands the significance of integrating cutting-edge solutions into the realm of facilities management, creating a streamlined and efficient experience for clients. “When I first started at DFM I didn’t really know a lot about the company or Lauren,” said TJ Couch, Operations Program Director. “But I knew we had this edginess, and now I know that’s largely due to Lauren.” Through her visionary approach, she’s revolutionizing the way facilities are managed, using automation, data analytics, and smart solutions to enhance operational efficiency and deliver exceptional results.

Rakolta also fosters a culture of collaboration and inclusion, creating a dynamic team that brings together diverse perspectives and experiences. “Just a dedicated, high-energy individual who truly cares about DFM as a whole, but also cares about us as employees and individuals,” said Melissa Czarnecki, EHS Director.

Under Rakolta, DFM has achieved Women Business Enterprise (WBE) Certification. “I have six people on my leadership team, four are women,” Rakolta said. “Hired not just because they’re women, but because they’re the best. The absolute best I could possibly find.” Rakolta understands the importance of mentoring and empowering the next generation of female leaders. Through speaking engagements, mentorship programs, and partnerships, she actively supports aspiring women entrepreneurs and executives. In 2019 she received an Ambassador Award from the Great Lakes Women Business Council for her efforts in volunteerism, driving job growth and her spirit of empowering others. By sharing her knowledge, experiences, and lessons learned, she paves the way for future female CEOs to rise and thrive in traditionally male-dominated industries like IFM.

But DFM’s pursuit of excellence isn’t solely about Rakolta; it is about empowering DFM’s facility management clients and enabling them to thrive. “She’s ‘all in’ on trying to deliver world-class results,” said Mike Haller, CEO of Wallbridge. “And she’s winning.”

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